How to Subscribe & Rate on iTunes | Naked Conversations Podcast - Sage B. Hobbs

How to Subscribe & Rate on iTunes | Naked Conversations Podcast

Step 1

Click on the iTunes icon n your mobile device

Step 2

Once inside iTunes, click on the Search  Icon


Step 3

Click on the Search Icon again


Step 4

Type in naked conversations in the search bar and click Search


Step 5

In the search results page, scroll down to the Podcasts section, and click on the Naked Conversations Podcast image.


Step 6

Click on the Subscribe Icon below the Podcast Title.

Hooray!!! You are now subscribed!


Step 7

Click on Reviews, and then Write a Review

Step 8

Tap the 5 STARS 😉 and write your awesome review!


FOR (Super Duper Appreciated) GOLD STARS

Leave me a rating + review! Just a few short words will help MORE amazing women find the show.

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