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It’s a universal human desire to want meaningful connection with others.  It’s also the path to greater joy, self-expression, and impact.

And yet it can be so messy and hard.  People often feel stuck in the status quo, afraid of change, or lost as to how to begin.

I’ve spent my life exploring and studying human behavior, and how to leverage our own courage to create meaningful and impactful lives, so others can feel more alive, fired up, and ready to be their most real and powerful selves.

I’m available for speaking events, interviews, and expert commentary.  If I feel that I can be of true service to your audience and we’re a good fit, let’s talk.

Contact me at sage@sagebhobbs.com

View Sage In Action:

My signature talk topics include:

Naked Communication: Why relationships are the most important thing and how to create them

The Power of the Ask: How to ask for what you want (and get it) and why it’s essential that you do

Some sub-topics for interviews include:

Handling Conflict: How to confidently manage challenging conversations

The Quest for So-Called “Balance”: Juggling motherhood and work



As Seen on Women In Denver TV

Emerging Women Talk: How to Finally Get Comfortable Being “Naked”

What others are saying:

I hope Sage takes her message of Naked Communication across the world.  She is that good! She does an awesome job using stories to bring her message to life. A big THANK YOU to Sage for sharing her brilliant message with Daring Divas! It was a captive audience for a hot topic, and there was never a dull moment. Sage was BORN to speak on stage!”
-Jessie May, Founder of Daring Divas, Branding and Business Coach

Thought provoking

I highly recommend Sage as a dynamic, spirited, accessible speaker who inspires people to take action.  Sage exudes confidence,  has a wonderful sense of humor, and relates powerfully to her audience.   She also gives clear and relevant action items that I can easily implement, which added great value.-Kate Morris, Migraine Support Advocate, Owner of Creative Migraine Wellness

Interviews, Profiles and Featured Articles

Guest Posts and Articles

How Cancer at 23 Taught Me to Love My Body in The Huffington Post

Naked Communication Book Excerpt Creating Cultures of Dignity with Rosalind Wiseman

Spotlight Interview with Emerging Women

Why No One Ends Up In Therapy Because They Didn’t Eat Enough Broccoliin The Huffington Post

How to Find Your Center When Sh*t Hits the Fan in The Huffington Post

Choose Contentment.  Don’t Chase It in Yoga City NYC

It’s All About That Bhakt: How We Can Honor Love Every Day in the Harlem Yoga Studio Blog


Naked Communication TV interview on Inside the Women Of Denver

Contentment on the Edge on #InCharge Podcast

Chasing My Calling on Just Stay Curious Podcast

Rediscovering Our Mojo After Motherhood with Lois Shannon of The Women’s Network

Finding Your Mojo (Even After Motherhood) with Meg Sullivan of Whole Food Love

Author Spotlight in The Daily Camera

Want to connect?  Send me a note at sage@sagebhobbs.com.

Let me who you are, what you’re all about, and how you think we might make an impact collaborating. 


Sage is an amazingly captivating presenter! She is warm, engaging, bright, and instantly builds rapport with those in the room.  On top of that, she has something important to say!  Her intelligent and relevant message makes hearing her speak a true delight.
-Laura Kupperman, Career and Business Coach for Wellness Professionals

Thought provoking

Sage shares her message with energy and enthusiasm that comes genuinely from her heart.  I left her talk knowing that I could own my life more, express myself more creatively, and give myself more credit for what I do and who I am.
– Jill Eleson, Health Coach 

Engaging and fun

Sage’s presentation really hit home for me in my work life, and very much in my personal life as well. I caught myself in tears with an example that she gave.  I got a lot out of it, and plan to take the learnings with me into the future.
-Workshop Participant

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