1-on-1 Transformational Coaching for Women…

 to find their voice and live a fully self-expressed life

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If you’re looking for someone who sees infinite possibilities of how you can live your life, and then digs deep into the actions necessary to make those possibilities actually happen, all while weaving in fun, then you’re in the right place.  

I bring all of my experience, training, and enthusiastic energy to the table in order to help you step into your own vision of greatness, find your voice, create meaningful relationships, and have the impact you desire.

Together, we peel back the layers of patterns that keep you stuck so you can live your life with more clarity, confidence, and courage.  You can live your life more “naked.”

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This is for you if…

  • You can no longer be satisfied with life as it is right now.  Period.  And you really understand that having the support, guidance, insight, and accountability of a coach will propel you forward faster.  You’re ready to invest in yourself.
  • You’re a passionate, motivated, curious woman who wants to live a purposeful and powerful life, but sometimes you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.
  • You feel stressed out by trying to be everything to everyone, and your relationships are suffering. This idea of “balance” seems elusive… but you want it.
  • You know you’re a leader (or want to be), but you’re not feeling like one as much as you’d like. You want to show up in a bigger way, and use your honest voice, but you need support taking the next steps … you’re seeking clarity and action.
  • You’re generally an optimist, but lately you’ve been feeling like you can’t get yourself going fully… you need an action plan.
  • You know you’re talented, but some days you feel like you’re doing a half-assed version of every role you play… at work and at home.

What You Get

  • An assessment of your patterns and beliefs so we can uncover how they’re supporting you or holding you back
  • Customized action plan to give you a road map for your personal goals and desires
  • Opportunities to practice new ways of being, so you can integrate habits and behaviors that best serve your desired outcomes, and keep you moving forward between sessions
  • My unbridled enthusiasm, unwavering support, and honest insight, offering you a powerful combination of insight and action, to keep you engaged at your highest level
  • 2 one hour coaching calls a month
  • Support and accountability between sessions with unlimited email access to me


Here are some of the results my clients have achieved through our work:

  • Had huge breakthroughs in communication and connection with their spouse, children, and friends
  • Attained new jobs that aligned with their professional goals
  • Got promotions at work and became recognized as leaders
  • Published their writing and courageously shared their creativity and talent
  • Quieted the constant “busy” in their daily life to have more time for things they desired most
  • Confidence and ability to make choices freely
  • Clarity on their next steps so they could take action in their work
  • Took more action than ever before towards their goals

 1:1 Coaching Program

Investment: $499/month or $1,800 for four months

*A discovery call is a must before we can work together.  I only work with women who are a great fit, so that you’re sure to get the best coaching.  So, let’s connect and see how I can support you in unleashing your voice and becoming more “naked.” *


Glowing Praise

From the mouths of my clients (since, let’s face it, you want to know that I’m the “real deal”):


“As someone who was the world’s least likely person to sign up for life coaching, I couldn’t believe how much I looked forward to my weekly calls with Sage during a time of transition and general life panic. She offered up incredible practical tips for reaching my goals, her true gift is to listen (and listen and listen) and then, when it’s her turn to speak—to cut right to the heart of the matter in a single sentence.”

“Sage is incredibly supportive. I felt like I had someone on my team who looked out for my best interest.”

“I have a new life thanks to my work with Sage. Her work goes beyond anything I ever experienced before!”

“Sage holds me accountable in such a deeply respectful and accepting way.”

“Sage asks the tough, but essential, questions that allow me to truly think about what I want and need, and take the steps towards my goals. My work with Sage has been instrumental in increasing my self-confidence, self-awareness, and happiness.”

“Sage’s approach was balanced – offering support, while encouraging a sense of empowerment. She has a gift for combining observation, insight, compassion, and clear communication in service of others.”

“Sage helped me identify the deeper purpose that was missing in my life and boldly go after it.”

“Sage’s supportive, down-to-earth nature, combined with a no-nonsense attitude makes her the ideal coach.”

“Sage was quick to realize my potential and patient with helping me realize what an amazing woman I am and what I deserve.”

I’ll be right there with you, as you create this next part of your life.  Championing, standing for, listening, and guiding you to live a bigger, more courageous, real, and “naked” life.  You know, the life you’ve been craving but haven’t been able to make happen on your own.  By your side, giving you all I’ve got, so you feel totally supported along the way. 

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