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How to Subscribe & Rate on iTunes | Naked Conversations Podcast

How to Subscribe & Rate on iTunes | Naked Conversations Podcast

Step 1 Click on the iTunes icon n your mobile device Step 2 Once inside iTunes, click on the Search  Icon   Step 3 Click on the Search Icon again   Step 4 Type in naked conversations in the search bar and click Search   Step 5 In the search results page, scroll down...

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The World is Crazy: A love note, pep talk, and call to action

Let’s get real for a second.  This is a love note, a pep talk, and a call to action.   The world has felt extremely crazy lately.     I’m talking to clients, family, and friends (all good people with BIG hearts) who are feeling like a deer-in-the-headlights, asking...

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How should you take feedback?

How should you take feedback?

How do you deal when someone in your life gives you feedback that is uncomfortable, hurtful, or makes you angry? Do you take it all in?  Let it soak in and feel shitty about yourself? Deflect it? Not listen or make them wrong? Feel criticized or judged? Walk away with...

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